About Alert Security Asset Protection

Christopher R. Wright, CPP - President
Certified Protection Professional

Christopher R. Wright, CPP – President

Christopher is President of Alert Security and is a founder of the company and a Certified Protection Professional. Chris has gained security experience and knowledge from his service in the Army as a Military Police Officer and from his employment with private security companies. Chris has been in the industry since 1991 and has progressive security and law enforcement related experience and has a degree and two certificates of achievement in Administration of Justice.

For years the world has recognized a need for competent professionals who can effectively manage complex security issues that threaten people and the assets of corporations, governments, and public and private institutions. As the emphasis on protecting people, property, and information increases, it has strengthened the demand for professional managers. To meet these needs, the ASIS International administers the Certified Protection Professional program.

Nearly 10,000 professionals have earned the designation of CPP™. This group of professionals has demonstrated its competency in the areas of security solutions and best-business practices through an intensive qualification and testing program. As a result, these men and women have been awarded the coveted designation of CPP™, and are recognized as proven leaders in their profession.



Mark Witt - Senior Vice President Operations

Mark WittSenior Vice President Operations

Mark is one of the founders of Alert Security and has been in the industry since 1990 and has experience that he obtained in the military and private security industry. Mark served eight years on active duty in the US Army Infantry as an infantry Squad Leader and two years in the Reserves as an ROTC Instructor. He has experience ranging from Security Officer to Account Manager. Mark is currently responsible for managing all aspects of guard and patrol operations in the region.


Robert (Bob) Nolan – Vice President Operations

Robert (Bob) Nolan – Vice President Operations

Bob has worked in the security industry since 1986. He served in the US Army as a military police officer specializing in physical security. After his military tenure, he worked as a branch manager/ area manager/general manager for the nation’s largest security company, where he had many accolades and became one of the most respected security professionals in the state of Nevada. Bob currently oversees operations in Nevada, California, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas. When not at work or with his ever growing family, he can be found on the golf course.


Salvador Fuentes – Operations Manager

Salvador Fuentes – Operations Manager

Salvador has 13 years of security and law enforcement experience. The last three years have been in security management. Salvador obtained his Associate’s degree in Criminal Justice from Portland Community College. Salvador currently runs operations in the Oregon region for Alert Security. Salvador was born and raised in Oregon and enjoys the outdoors.


Jeff Matson – Operations Manager

Jeff Matson – Operations Manager

Jeff is responsible for overseeing the daily operations in Las Vegas he also assists with operations in Arizona and New Mexico. Jeff honorably served four years on active duty in the United States Navy as a Boatswain’s Mate and Master Helmsmen. After his military tenure, Jeff attended college at Western Michigan University. Jeff has a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice, a minor in Sociology, and a minor in Substance Abuse Services.


Arick Biggs – Operations Manager

Arick Biggs – Operations Manager

Arick Biggs is responsible for overseeing the daily operations in Northern Nevada and Northern California. Arick has a strong background in operations built off of his experience from Law Enforcement, Security, Operation Management and Entrepreneurship. Arick graduating from Grand Canyon University with a Bachelors of Arts in Government with emphasis in legal studies degree with Magna Cum Laude honors. Arick will continue success out of our Northern Nevada and Northern California Branch Office.


Brent Phillip – Area Manager

Brent was born in Brooklyn, New York and grew up in Newark, New Jersey.  He joined the United States Army Infantry in 2008 and served on 2 combat tours in Iraq.  He graduated from the University of Phoenix in 2017 with a Bachelor’s in Business Management with a concentration in General Management. He started in the security field in 2014 and continued to excel in numerous leadership positions. Brent moved to Phoenix Arizona in 2013 and had 3 beautiful kids in the process. He has over 20 years of leadership experience and over 14 years of security experience. He started my journey in 2022 with Alert Guard Services. 


Robert Hubert III – Operations Manager

Robert served 4 years in the US Navy as an Operations Specialist, Master Helmsman, and VBSS Operator. He has been married to his loving wife Krista since 2014 and they have 6 amazing kids. Robert has over 15 years of security experience. In his down time he enjoys spending time with his wife and kids and is an avid gamer and life-long anime/comic fan.


Lauri LaFon – Operations Manager

Lauri was born and raised in Dallas, Texas and relocated to Honolulu, Hawaii in 1991. She has worked in the security industry since 1999. Also worked as Airport Security Officer from 1999-2004. Worked as a Scheduling Manager for the nation’s largest security company for 17 years.  Lauri currently oversees operations in Honolulu, Hawaii. When not working, she enjoys time with her Loving husband of 15 years and 5 children. Lauri is also a dog Mom to Lucky, and a big fan of the Oakland Raiders. When not working she also enjoys time at the beach, hiking and reading with her book club. 


Jim Oreto – Field Manager

Jim Oreto – Field Manager

Jim is responsible for overseeing the daily field operations at our Washington regional office. Jim is a retired Police Officer and former Director of Security. Jim was born and raised in Miami, Florida where he started his Security career. He later relocated to Atlanta, Georgia where he spent almost 20 years in Law Enforcement. During that time, Jim was a member of the state’s Crisis Intervention Team, The Governor’s office of Highway Safety, co-chaired the Code and Ethics committee and was a Field Training Officer. When not at work, he enjoys spending time with his wife Jean, and his daughter Jaelyn.


Stephen Doran – Field Supervisor

Stephen was born in Bury St. Edmunds, London, UK, into a Military Family where his father served 27 years honorably for the United States Air Force. Stephen has lived in multiple states in the US and has lived in Las Vegas since 2009. He has been with Alert Security since February 2017 where he has been employed as a Patrol Supervisor for Alert Security. In 2021 he was Promoted to the Patrol Manager for Las Vegas where he oversees the day-to-day operations of personnel in company vehicles. He also assists with Dispatch Officers, Training Officers on sites, and meeting with Site Managers to mitigate any issues. When he is not working for Alert Security, He likes to travel, hike, play video games, and spend quality time with my Family.


Jayson Hedrick – Reno Patrol Manager

Jayson was born in a small military town outside of Dayton, OH. He went to Wayne High School where he was the quarterback for the football team. His senior year of high school he decided to enlist in the military 82nd airborne, which he enjoyed very much.  Jayson and his wife have lived in Reno for 10 years and have two children that are all grown up and one granddaughter that is 7 months old and one more on the way.


Maria Nolan – Human Resources Manager

Maria Nolan – Human Resources Manager

Maria is a graduate of the University of Phoenix with a bachelor’s degree in Business with an emphasis on Human Resources Management. She is a current member of SHRM. Maria was born and raised in Oregon moving to Reno in the late 90’s. She is the mother of 5, grandmother to 4, for now. When not at work, Maria loves spending time with her family.


Debra Drake – Executive Assistant

Debra Drake – Executive Assistant

Debra has 20 years of customer service and office administration experience. Debra has a bachelor’s degree in Forest Recreation Resources from Oregon State University and has spent 17 years working closely with the public in recreational settings.


Mary Ebert – Receptionist

Mary Ebert – Receptionist

Mary has over 20 years of experience working as a Professional Administrative Specialist working in many industries. The last 7 years was spent in the Affordable Housing Industry. She started serving in the United States Navy in 1976 as a Yeoman and was Honorable Discharged several years later. In her spare time she is a Volunteer Coach for Fall Bowling with Washington County Special Olympics.


Jennifer Schake – Receptionist/HR Assistant

Jennifer was born in Hong Kong and raised in Stockton, California.  Having an uncle who was from the small island of Lanai, and watching the original Hawaii Five-0 and Magnum, P.I. back in the day, led her to move to Oahu to attend the University of Hawaii at Manoa and to enjoy the year round sunshine and beaches.  She met her late husband of 30 years at Kualoa Ranch and have two daughters, both grown, married and on their own.  Besides work, she enjoys the beach, travelling, bowling, pocket billiards, and spending time with her family and fiancé.


Chianti Thomas – Receptionist/HR Assistant

Chianti has a background primarily in Customer Service and Administration.  She is a mother of 2 beautiful children and is all about self-development and self-improvement in her personal life. She is always looking to challenge herself and learn new things. In her free time, she of course enjoys spending time with her children and sewing, reading, dancing and binge watching a good crime series. She is passionate about helping and uplifting others with dreams of one day opening a non-profit organization that helps homeless youth in the community.


Trennette Castillo – Business Development Manager

Trennette Castillo – Business Development Manager

Trennette Castillo has 25 years experience in direct Customer Service and outside sales. She has been the owner and operator of 2 different businesses’ in California and Nevada. She attended Academy of Investigation and Security School in Florida and has been in the security industry for seven years. Including education and port security training.
FERPA and TWIC Certified


Alfonso Rodriguez – Business Development Manager

Alfonso Rodriguez was a resident of Fontana California after high school and worked at Northrop Grumman space systems while getting his real estate license at the age of 18.  By the age 21 he got his broker license and opened his first office with just 2 employee, 20 years later had a little over 80 employees then moved to Las Vegas to care for his mother.  With his love for sales and management he then joined Alert Security Asset Protection as a Business Development Manager and never looked back.   When not working enjoys studying blockchain technology and the crypto exchange.


Mario Arosemena – Business Development Manager

Mario has over 25 years of business experience starting as an entrepreneur in 1999 with the internet boom and has since emersed himself in the world of risk management and mitigation. Mario has a passion for peace and prosperity, with a focus on safety and deterrence. He adds to the team by combining years of experience in the insurance industry and business management.


Dean Thomisee – Business Development Manager

Dean is a Native Texan and a thirty-year Customer Service and New Business Relationship Specialist. As a younger man, Dean was trained and worked often as Security for large, live music venues and traveling musicians across the country. Upon completing several US and Canadian tours on the road he specialized in selling intangibles and broadcast television advertising. He’s a Dog-guy with a guitar and likes hotrods and Elvis.


Terry Gooch – Receptionist/HR Assistant

Terry Gooch – Receptionist/HR Assistant

Teri has been a wife for 23 years and is the mother to 2 fabulous children. She has been in retail management operations for 15 years and the intake coordinator for senior care facilities for 6 years. Some of her favorite things to do are hike with her 2 dogs, camping, fishing, watching baseball games, music, movies and good food, but most of all spending quality time with the family. Teri was born in a small town called Holtville California however her family is from West Virginia Appalachians, Texas, Oklahoma, Ozarks, New York, India, Germany, England, Ireland and Scotland. She has a diverse family group who enjoy exploring the different cultures within their own family.