Security Guard Patrol Services

Patrol Inspection

The patrol inspection is the mainstay of the Patrol Security industry. This service provides the customer with an alert, conscientious and visible security presence on site to discourage trespassing, vandalism and other heinous acts. It says “we are taking measures to protect our assets, beware!” The patrol officer that visits your site will make themselves visible, look for safety hazards, signs of forced entry, trespassers and vandalism to name a few. They will also perform any specific duties that we have agreed upon. We have numerous options to communicate the results of these visits. We can provide you with the report on site, fax or through e-mail.

Alarm Response

The number of false alarms is close to 95% of all alarms reported. If you are personally responding to these alarms, you are spending a significant amount of time on tasks that do not better your business or help achieve your goals. In addition, you are putting yourself unnecessarily at personal risk. We want our customers to feel that they will not be bothered unless there is a real issue. We have well trained officers that can respond in the middle of the night to your alarm and are trained in what to look for and when to involve law enforcement. We can document the alarm and indicate type, the potential cause if it can be determined, and possible solutions to the problem. This will allow you to focus on important tasks and be well rested not having been bothered by a false alarm in the middle of the night.

Lock and Unlock Service

Many customers, especially in the Multiple Unit Housing Industry, have swimming pools, exercise rooms, laundry facilities and club houses that need to be secured or opened at specific times that do no coincide with the hours of work that the customer has committed to meet financial goals. We can be at your site to perform these duties for you. Large office complexes and companies without standing guard security can also benefit from these services as the opportunity for unsecured doors is increased proportionately by the differing schedules of the people inside. We do ask that you allow us a window of time for completion as there are most likely several other customers requesting service during the same time period.

Escort Service

We can provide an officer to be at your site at a specific time to provide escort to your employees should you feel the environment is not safe. The officer will simply be present while employees move to and from their vehicle, bus stops, etc., providing a visible deterrence to criminal activity.

Noise/Nuisance Complaints

This service focuses on the contact and resolution of noise/nuisance complaints. This allows customer management to remain somewhat separate from the risk and ill will associated with acting on these types of complaints. We will contact the reported offender(s) and the complainant(s). The offender will be informed that they are disturbing the neighbors and they will be asked to cease the activity causing the problem. Our report to you will help in any dispute cases should the need to evict the tenant arise. It is important that the customer have a good escalating policy and procedure in place to remove recidivists.