Personalized Security Solutions

Alert Security offers a variety of Patrol and Inspection Services to fulfill your needs as a security customer. In keeping with our mission to be the provider of choice, we offer not just pre-packaged products but flexible, interactive solutions to your problems. By communicating effectively with the customer, we will develop a plan of action that is tailored to your specific need.

Our Staff is dedicated to providing the best service in the industry. This means that we will be available for questions, we will be proactive in addressing problems in the system and visibly on site throughout the entire set up process. Some companies actually believe they can provide service to a customer, sight unseen! We like to get to know our customers, their employees, their industry, as well as their physical site.

We require each of our employees to be certified through the state and we provide the training so our employees are fully certified and meet all requirements as outlined by the state. Records of completion of the initial training are held in the associate’s file. In addition, we monitor our employee’s certification records and provide renewal training when required.

Alert Security also provides officers for temporary sites such as construction, fire watch, conventions, sporting events and many others. We understand you cannot always plan your security needs and often need resources at a moments notice.